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Tata Steel International (Australasia) Ltd

Tata Steel International is the leading supplier of stainless steel, engineering steels, and composite floor decks to the New Zealand and Pacific Island markets.

As a division within Tata Steel Group (the world’s sixth largest steel producer), we also offer ex-mill sales of colour coated and packaging steels, railway tracks, and structural sections.

Tata Steel International is a service oriented business operating from 8 regional locations. We provide local and international customers with a comprehensive supply chain management service for steel, stainless steel, and associated products and services. Logistical and technical services are an integral part of our daily business.

Our product range includes:

We service the following industries:

Sheet metal Fabrication, Light and Heavy Engineering Dairy, Meat, and Food processing Wine, Brewing, and Beverage industries Pulp & Paper, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Construction - Architectural, Industrial, Commercial, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure Water Treatment / Distribution and Waste Water Treatment

Manufacturing - Consumer and Industrial Products, Marine, Aviation, Security, and Defence Oil, Gas, Energy and Power related sectors

"Tata Steel - the future in metal"

Tata Steel International (Australasia) Ltd was formerly known as Corus New Zealand Ltd, and traded under the name Corus Metals.


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Tata Steel International (Australasia) Ltd. supply's ferrous and non ferrous metals, carbon steel, engineering steel and stainless steels.

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